America’s Fall from Grace – Causation

Why our America will die and unholy, unrighteous, death…causation – culpability explained.

"RickeyD" Holtsclaw

The subsequent “comment” or “response” is relevant to the questions posited within the following articles:

1. National Review – article: “It Turns Out That a Less-Christian America Might Be a Worse America”

2. Conservative Tribune – article: “Justice Alito: Religious Liberty Is in Danger in America

3. The Blaze – article: “‘Candy-a**ed Christianity’ must end, autor declares

4. CharismaMagazine – article: “Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know…

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LGBTQ Hypocrisy – Once Again

Following, is my response to the absurd, hypocritical LGBTQ Nation’s article titled:

“Man couldn’t order drinks because of his Trump hat, his ‘saddest hour’”

I find is sadly hilarious how members of the LGBTQ Cult[ure] lambast this man for having worn a ball-cap denoting a conservative political affiliation and same was subsequently denied service for his beliefs. The hypocrisy of the perversion of the LGBTQ Cult[ure] who blame the man for his expulsion from the bar…. the perverse LGBTQ Cult[ure] who actually selectively choose Christian retail facilities and expect the Christian proprietors to apply their specialty, their trade, to construct – to fabricate – to bake an item specifically for the celebration of sexual perversity – behavior that is in stark contrast to the Christian proprietor’s beliefs, values and edicts of the Holy Scriptures…..when the proprietor refuses to engage in the celebration of vile sexual perversity, the LGBTQ Cult[ure] sues the proprietor for discrimination – destroys their life and their livelihood – hypocritical and insane!


christian floristtransphobia-conference-promo-600x397

sweet cakes

I’ve said it before, and I say it again…LGBTQ is a mental illness, a self-destructive, vile, nasty behavior of confusion that is deserving of compassion – NOT legitimization through legislation. LGBTQ behavior is indicative of a curse on America and Holy Scripture clearly affirms this truism i.e. Romans 1:18-32.

romans 1

gender identity


LGBTQ Cult[ure] — repent of your sexual immorality, your debased and vile conduct, seek the forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness and live; otherwise, you will ultimately die in your sin and your soul will initially be relegated to Hades to eventually stand judgement and finally cast into Hell for eternity.


Jesus Christ is all loving, compassionate, just and merciful…but He does not condone your sexual rebellion – He does not change and you will stand guilty before Him unless you repent and seek His righteousness!


Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


Abortion v. Water-Boarding = Hypocrisy! (Liberal/Conservative-Lunacy)

I was listening to the interaction between Senator Graham and SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch a few minutes ago, 21 March 17 11am (CDT), and the topic of Roe v. Wade (1973) was initiated by Graham.


The gist of the conversation was Graham’s suggestion that new legislation would be forthcoming regarding the interests of the State relevant to a 20-week abortion limit. In other words, according to Graham, new technology confirms that a fetus/child in the womb can feel pain at 20-weeks.

The medical community confirms that a child born at 20-weeks must be anesthetized before any surgical procedure; therefore, does it not stand to reason that a child in the womb subjected to burning to death or mutilation/dismemberment by the abortionist’s instruments also feels pain?


What makes me so viscerally angry and consumed with unadulterated hate and disgust for Liberal/Conservative-Lunacy is the fact that we’re even having this discussion…how can we as a “civilized society” subject our most innocent to this torture and in the same vein of questioning between Graham and Gorsuch condemn “water-boarding” as an interrogation technique that is far too cruel and inhumane i.e. torture? Is this not the epitome of hypocrisy?

baby in arms

How have we, a “civilized society,” legislated any semblance of justification/rationalization for the murder/torture of our children? Even in the cases of rape-abortion justification, since when did we as a civilized society murder the child for the crime of its father?



Scotty…please…beam me up – I’m completely out of my environment – I don’t recognize this place any longer!!!

With anger and contempt for Congressional compromise in America,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


The American Quality of Life Act – 2017 (AQLA) (Federal Vehicular Noise Relief Initiative)

Hello Senator Crapo and Sponsors/Co-sponsors of Bill S 59 and HR 367 “The Hearing Protection Act” (HPA) of 2017.

Senator Crapo, thank you for your concern regarding documented physiological injury and reduced quality of life standards relevant to a pervasive lack of sound suppression accessories for firearms.  These sound suppression accessories are made practically inaccessible due to unnecessarly burdensome BATFE rules and procedures; therefore, it is my hope that “The Hearing Protection Act” will be successful in reducing these arbitrary and burdensome federal regulations for law abiding gun owners.  In conjunction with the Hearing Protection Act, I am requesting that Congress consider my proposal for a Bill that will successfully eliminate another noise related burden on the American citizen i.e. the complete lack of local and state enforcement relevant to the unencumbered operation of unregulated, illegally LOUD, intrusive, illegally equipped motor vehicles on our public roadways. A dangerous and illegal problem that has gone unabated and unenforced for over forty-years; therefore, Senator Crapo I respectfully request your attention to the proposed “American Quality of Life Act” (AQLA) with the understanding that many millions of vehicular noise beleagured citizens across the United States are pleading for help and it is our United States Congress that remains our only viable intercessor.

Introduction/Sponsors/Co-sponsors of the Hearing Protection Act

*Senator Mike Crapo, R-Idaho (Twitter: @MikeCrapo) Introduced Bill S. 59 in January, 2017.

239 Dirksen Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6142
Fax: (202) 228-1375  Email:


*Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kansas (Twitter: @JerryMoran)

Dirksen Senate Office Building
Room 521
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6521
Fax: (202) 228-6966

*Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky (Twitter @RandPaul)

167 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
Phone: 202-224-4343  Email:

Note: Similar legislation was introduced in the House by the following Representatives with 42 co-sponsors as H.R. 367

H.R. 367

*Jeff Duncan, R-South Carolina (Twitter: @RepJeffDuncan)

2229 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-5301

Fax: (202) 225-3216  Email:

*John Carter, R-Texas (Twitter: @RepJohnCarter)

2110 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-3864
Concerning the Hearing Protection Act – 2017  Introduced by Senator Mike Crapo, R-Idaho S.59 and HR 367
Following, is a statement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) regarding “The Hearing Protection Act” (HPA) recently introduced in the House and in the Senate of the United States Congress.  Following statements from the NRA are quotes from an article titled: “Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Suppressor Legislation Reintroduced with High Hopes.” American Rifleman Magazine, March 2017, Pg. 84.
“The HPA would remove sound suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms act (NFA) and treat them as ordinary firearms under federal law.  Suppressors have soared in popularity in recent years as more and more hunters and firearm owners have discovered their benefits in reducing (but not eliminating) muzzle report and softening recoil.
‘Gun owners and sportsmen should be able to enjoy their outdoor heritage with the tools necessary to do so safely.’ said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox.  This bill makes it easier for them to do that.”
Request to Senator Crapo and the U.S. Congress
The American Quality of Life Act – 2017 (proposed)
Senator Carpo, as a former United States Marine Corps Infantryman and retired 31-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, I truly appreciate your efforts to reduce the hearing damage, physiological/psychological injury sustained from gunfire noise as well as your attempts to improve the quality of life of the citizenry exposed to same as per Senate Bill-59, HR-367 “The Hearing Protection Act-2017.”  I too own a suppressor for my larger caliber rifles and find the shooting experience much more pleasant with the suppressor affixed to my weapons.  The actual purchase and acquisition of the suppressor was absolutely ridiculous seeing that even though I am retired law enforcement, the BATFE approval process took one-year to complete and a required $200.00 payment for a Federal Tax Stamp plus the legal fees for initiating a “Living Trust” document in order to comply with Federal ownership requirements.
With that said Senator Crapo, this correspondence is not focused on suppressors for firearms, but my concern is relevant to noise suppression from illegally equipped, illegally modified motor vehicles that are directly responsible for destroying the quality of life of many millions of American citizens and unnecessarily endangering their health and welfare – on a daily basis.  In fact, unregulated motor vehicle noise has become the #1 destroyer of good daily quality of life standards for many millions of American citizens, especially those citizens living in our congested urban areas. Those in our society who are most negatively affected, both physiologically and psychologically by illegal motor vehicle noise, are our most innocent e.g. our children, our elderly and our handicapped living in communities across America.  Below, I have outlined a self-funding Federal initiative that, if properly implemented, will, at last, bring relief to the vehicular noise beleaguered American citizen, an intrusive, destructive and dangerous motor vehicle problem that has gone almost completely unabated and has increased exponentially over the previous forty-years.
A Brief Overview of the Problem
Senator Crapo, for a thorough understanding of the complex scenario relevant to the unencumbered operation of illegally LOUD motor vehicles on our public roadways, please see my related articles and videos immediately following the “American Quality of Life Act” outline below.
The United States Congress, as per the Congressional Statement accompanying the Noise Control Act of 1972 (42 U.S.C. §4901 et seq.- 1972), clearly articulated their concerns relevant to unregulated motor vehicle noise in our environment and the negative effect this intrusive and exponentially increasing plague was having on the “health and welfare” of the Nation’s citizenry.  Subsequent to the enactment of the Noise Control Act of 1972, we see the establishment of the Office of Noise Abatement and Control (ONAC) that was directly responsible for environmental noise oversight and relevant policy making.  Unfortunately, President Reagan, much like President Trump’s reduction in the EPA’s budget by 31%, opted to defund ONAC in 1981 at which time complete responsibility/jurisdiction for policing dangerous noise levels in our environment was delegated to the States and local authorities.  Senator Crapo, our States and Local Law Enforcement Communities have COMPLETELY FAILED the vehicular noise beleaguered citizenry for over forty-years  – again, this lack of enforcement is the major culprit undergirding the operation of unregulated motor vehicle noise which, as noted earlier, has become the #1 destroyer of good daily quality of life standards for many millions of American citizens.  We, the vehicular NOISE beleaguered citizenry the United States are pleading for Congress to intercede and restore our quality of life, for without a good quality of life standard, what else truly matters?
In 1983, the US EPA, via their Code of Federal Regulations, opted to intercede on behalf of the vehicular noise beleaguered American citizen and initiated regulations relevant to street production motorcycle noise via a scientifically controlled testing procedure, SAE J331a full throttle motorcycle drive-by test, to simulate real world conditions for the citizenry exposed to motorcycle noise.  In 1983, the US EPA regulated “total” motorcycle noise emissions to 83 dB(A).
Just three-years later, 1986, we see the US EPA, concerned about the negative health affects of motorcycle noise and medium-to-heavy duty truck noise on our public roadways, initiate a policy to reduce “total” motorcycle noise emissions for street production motorcycles from 83 dB(A) down to 78 dB(A), but Suzuki Motors interjected and cited production cost limitations relevant to the proposed 78 dB(A) mandate; therefore, 80 dB(A) “total” motorcycle noise emission was enacted as the cap or limit for motorcycles produced in year model 1986-forward as per the SAE J331a full throttle motorcycle drive-by testing procedure.  For a better understanding of the EPA SAE J331a testing procedure and requirements, please see my video below titled, “Loud Motorcycles? THE LAW.”
Every street production motorcycle, a sample make and model there-of, that is to be operated on the public roadways of the United States must successfully pass the SAE J331a full throttle motorcycle drive-by examination.  The mufflers on the motorcycles manufactured for street use motorcycles are then heavily embossed with a US EPA muffler label in a “readily visible location” that looks like the label in the following photo.  In addition, a frame label is affixed to the frame of the EPA approved motorcycle – see the EPA frame label subsequent to the muffler label below.
EPA muffler label
honda epa label on frame
Senator Crapo, that US EPA approved muffler is designed to maintain its acoustical dampening characteristics for the “life of the motorcycle” and the US EPA codified “tampering” prohibitions our of a concern for the protection of the health and welfare, the quality of life of the American citizen.  If the EPA compliant muffler must be replaced due to damage, it must be replaced with a muffler meeting the acoustical dampening characteristics of the factory-installed muffler.  Again Senator Crapo, these mufflers have been regulated by the US EPA specifically for the protection of the Health and Welfare, the Quality of Life of the American citizen.  It is our local and state law enforcement community that is directly responsible for ensuring these production motorcycles remain in their safe, compliant, US EPA approved condition – Senator Crapo, our law enforcement communities across the United States has failed the vehicular noise beleaguered citizenry miserably and for this reason, the American citizenry is pleading for Congress’ intercession.  Understand that some 60% to 80% of the motorcycles operating on our public roadways are illegally equipped with a NOT FOR ROAD USE aftermarket exhaust mechanism emitting between four-and-eight-times the legal, total, motorcycle noise emissions of 80 dB(A)…yet our police do nothing and far too many of our police officers have violated their oath of office and participate in the illegal conduct – yet nothing is done!!!  
These illegally equipped motorcycles are capable of emitting 110 dB(A) under acceleration and are audible for up to and over one-mile under hard acceleration.
The illegal, conspiratorial, motorcycle aftermarket exhaust industry in America has absolutely NO concern regarding regulatory intervention!
Beginning in 1972, with the enactment of the Noise Control Act, the United States Congress articulated the fact that the primary responsibility for controlling environmental noise would rest with the State and local governments.  Senator Crapo, as a retired 31-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, I want to reiterate the fact, as well as testify to the fact, that our law enforcement community in the United States has completely failed the vehicular noise beleaguered American citizen. This failure of our law enforcement community to protect the vehicular noise beleaguered citizenry is the direct result of,
1.  Law enforcement participation in the illegal conduct via illegally loud police motorcycle clubs, organizations, gangs – yet our Department of Justice does nothing about the illegal conduct on the part of law enforcement.  What other criminal law could a sworn law enforcement officer violate with impunity and nothing is done in response to the illegal behavior?
2. Mayors across the United States prostituting themselves with the Loud Motorcycle Cult[ure] for profit via unregulated motorcycle rallies while their citizens suffer.  A stark violation of the 14th Amendment equal protection clause, yet our courts, thus far, have neglected to intercede.  See my video below: “Loud Motorcycles? Biker Rallies and Mayoral Prostitution.”
3. Governors, attorney generals, state offices of environmental control, refusing to regulate motor vehicle noise due to the profits associated with tourism dollars in their states.  See my article below regarding Senator Burr’s sponsoring of HR 350 in support of the RPM Act.
4. Lobbying efforts on the part of very well financed Motorcycle Rights Organizations who wheel and deal with our Federal, State and local representatives. See my article below: “Warning, Motorcycle Rights Organizations Seek Protected Class Status.”
5. A criminally conspiratorial motorcycle aftermarket exhaust industry that openly thumbs its “entitled” nose at the rule of law and markets NOT FOR ROAD USE aftermarket exhausts, egregiously LOUD exhausts, for street use motorcycles thereby displaying absolutely no fear of regulatory control or intervention from the US EPA or state environmental authorities – why? Because nothing is done…yet the citizenry suffers! See my article: “The Truth about Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You” and my video: “Loud Motorcycles? OBSTACLES AND SOLUTION.”
Senator Crapo, out of respect for you time, I will include, in the addendum to this letter, a fairly comprehensive list of related videos and articles I have published on the subject of pervasive, illegal, motor vehicle noise on our public roadways and what must be done to restore civility to our communities across America.
Senator Crapo, considering the out of control, exponentially increasing motor vehicle noise problem on our public roadways, I am introducing the “American Quality of Life Act” (AQLA) for consideration by the United States Congress. Following, is a rather succinct numerical outline of the proposed elements relevant to the American Quality of Life Act.
Again, please understand that our local and state law enforcement community and our local and state elected officials refuse to intercede on behalf of the vehicular noise beleaguered American citizen and though I truly do appreciate your efforts to reduce noise related injury from weapons fire and improve the quality of life of citizens exposed to same via deregulating oppressive Federal mandates obstructing the acquisition of firearm suppressors, understand that a much more dangerous and pervasive NOISE problem exists across the United States – we, the American vehicular noise beleaguered citizenry are pleading for intercession from the United States Congress.
Once you’ve read through the rough outline of the proposed American Quality of Life Act, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via my Email, Twitter account, personal address or my personal phone numbers provided subsequent to my name at the end of this article.  It would be my honor and privilege to travel to Washington D.C. and discuss this matter with you and my State Senator, Tom Cotton, personally.

The American Quality of Life Act (AQLA)

 A Federal Muffler Statute – “One Law/One Muffler”

1) Federally Mandated muffler specifications for motorcycles, auto’s and trucks. Currently, the US EPA regulates medium-heavy duty trucks and motorcycle noise emissions – no changes necessary under the new Federal muffler mandate i.e. AQLA except the inclusion of automobiles.

2) Use of current SAE J331a testing parameters for all road use motorcycles and trucks can be maintained and made applicable to automobiles as well though automobile noise emissions are not currently regulated via the Code of Federal Regulations.

3) Federal Law, the American Quality of Life Act, disposes of 49-State Laws and hundreds of municipal muffler ordinances/statutes partially responsible for non-enforcement, confusion and Constitutionality concerns. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!  A National uniformity of standards, compliance, is necessary to successfully end the confusion as motor vehicle operators cross state lines or travel from one municipality to another and muffler laws arbitrarily change…stop the inconsistency through implementation of the American Quality of Life Act!

4) US EPA approved, labeled, muffler is the only muffler acceptable for roadway use motorcycles in all 50-states…no exceptions! Mufflers for auto’s and trucks could also be labeled as well…much like motorcycles are currently via the Code of Federal Regulations – see photo below…

EPA muffler label

5) Aftermarket industry can continue production of various styles, weights, configurations of mufflers, but every street-use muffler must conform to labeling, noise and particulates requirements as per the US EPA’s Code of Federal Regulations. If effectively and rigorously enforced, the Federal Muffler Mandate as per the American Quality of Life Act will essentially police the illegal conspiratorial aftermarket motorcycle exhaust debacle e.g. no market for illegal exhausts = no production of illegal exhausts…only EPA “compliant,” safe, quiet, mufflers will be sold for roadway use motor vehicles.

6) National database maintained for enforcement protocol and maintaining enforcement information for subsequent fines and impounding of offending vehicles. Data base will permit officers easy access directly from their patrol vehicles – easy entry/easy access – a simple confirmation via the database necessary for graduated scale of fines, bonds and impounding of offending vehicles. (See #7)

7)Violations and Fines: First offense = $500.00 fine.
Second offense = $1000.00 fine.
Third offense and all subsequent offenses = arrest of violator/bond made and impounding of offending vehicle until arrangements are made to return said vehicle to US EPA approved noise, particulate and labeling requirements/standards. National Federal Database will contain violator and vehicle information for all previous investigations; therefore, regardless of violator’s location – all previous investigative history will be documented and available for enhanced penalties and impounding of offending motor vehicle throughout the 50-States.

8) Fees/fines received for violations of Federal Muffler Law – – – one-half of the fine remains in the applicable state, one-half of the fine is directed to the US Treasury to be forwarded to the US EPA to assist with expenditures related to muffler enforcement initiatives; therefore, the American Quality of Life Act enforcement strategy should be financially self-sufficient requiring no EPA funding thereby eliminating budgetary constraint concerns.

9) Regular enforcement criteria (semi-annually or annually) to be submitted by each State via the National Database relevant to enforcement criteria-statistics. Federal funds relevant to LE grants and certain infrastructure/roadway construction weigh in the balance for nonfeasance/non-enforcement/non-participation on the part of the States and local municipalities.

10) The National Muffler Law Mandate is financially self-supportive, requires very little “new” implementation as far as enforcement and logistics is concerned…a win-win and a viable solution to the exponentially growing, intrusive, illegal, unencumbered motor vehicle noise problem on our public roadways and within the communities of America – it is America’s most innocent who will be the principal beneficiaries of the American Quality of Life Act.

little girl at the 2016 steel horse rallychild holding ears loud motorcycle croppedlittle girl loud bikeslady holding ears

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the worst evil...


Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

Personal info. redacted for publication…

Trump’s Travel Ban & Liberal Lunacy by the Numbers

muslim ban 2

muslim ban protest

obama and judge
Socialist/Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama and Hawaii Federal District Judge Derrick Watson who blocked enforcement of President Trump’s Travel Ban – Executive Order 2.0 designed to protect the American Citizenry from Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Comment by Rick Holtsclaw to the ACLU, Ninth-Circuit Court of Appeals, all relevant Federal District Judges and every Liberal-Socialist-Democrat in the United States who have undermined the authority of the President of the United States and the United States Constitution as our President has made every effort to secure our borders and provide protection for the American people via a Constitutionally valid Travel Ban. By the numbers…


I. It takes a special kind of lunatic to advocate the immigration of a people group into the United States from Nations whose major religious ideology demands the worship of a Satanic Deity i.e. Allah and this Deity’s insane prophet, Muhammad…the Religion, the Satanic Cult of Islam.

islam cult

II. It takes a special kind of lunatic to advocate the immigration of a people group who honor and worship, to the death, the religion of Islam who is the sworn enemy of Western Civilization and possesses a visceral hatred for American mores, norms, values and passionately seeks America’s destruction and the death of all Americans and America’s ally, Israel and the Jewish People.

death to america

III. It takes a special kind of lunatic to demand the immigration of America’s sworn enemy when an overwhelming number of these Muslim immigrants will be indigent, lacking any formal job skills and dependent upon America’s welfare system for sustenance while members of Radical Islam shelter in their Trojan Horse and discern the most advantageous strategies to kill American Citizens as they suckle the Government tit for daily sustenance and shelter.

no democracy

IV. It takes a special kind of lunatic to demand an open immigration policy and the mass immigration of the Muslim people who are brainwashed from youth to adhere to the tenets of Islam and the inhumane tenets of Sharia Law – knowing full well that these Muslim-Islamic immigrants have absolutely no intentions of assimilating into American Culture but desire to usurp the authority of America’s Constitutional Republic and replace same with the tenets of Sharia Law.


V. It takes a special kind of hypocritical lunatic who adheres to the Leftist-Socialist-Democrat Ideology of Moral Relativism, a demonically based Ideology which radically advocates abortion on demand and every aberrant form of sexual perversity yet spits in the face of President Trump and his efforts to secure America’s borders and provide protection for the American people from Radical Islamic Terrorists who, under the auspices of Sharia Law, hate homosexuals – the LGBTQ Cult[ure], Christians, Jews and believe that the faithful Muslim must cut the throats of these “infidels.”  How confused must the Liberal-Socialist Homosexual pandering Left be in order to demand the immigration of a satanic cult that demands the death of homosexuals?



VI. It takes a special kind of mentally sick, hypocritical lunatic, Socialist-Liberal-Democrat to obfuscate and compromise the security of the American people by demanding that the immigration of the Muslim is a humane, philanthropic, honorable endeavor – “it’s the humane thing to do,” that is, open the American border to Muslim immigrants, their children, their elderly, for “compassionate” reasons when the hypocritical lunatic Socialist-Left-Democrat knows full well that the demands for Muslim immigration is not for humane reasons but to secure and systematically increase the Socialist-Democratic Party’s Base – the Socialist-Democrat Vote every two-years…knowing full well that these Muslim immigrants will be wholly dependent upon the welfare state and that it is the Socialist-Democrat who will pander to the financial needs of the Muslim immigrant community in exchange for their vote.  See:


VII. Breaking News: If the bloody-perverse Socialist-Left-Democrat truly cared for “humanity,” they would not advocate the torture, dismemberment, mutilation, burning to death of 60-million American babies since Roe v. Wade (1973).  If the perverse-Socialist-Left-Democrat truly cared for “humanity” they would not radically support the deathstyle of the LGBTQ Cult[ure] that infects our youth with aberrant sexual confusion and gender confusion where some 40% of Trans Youth attempt suicide – a sexually perverse cult[ure] of death that is replete with disease, mental illness, confusion, self-loathing yet these perverse Leftist-Socialists seek to legitimize this sexual debauchery via legislation (Obergefell v. Hodges – 2015) in lieu of providing compassion, care and demanding the LGBTQ Cult[ure] seek psychological intervention.




I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Socialist-Democratic Party in the United States is a Domestic Terrorist Organization – this Political Party has become nothing more than a hoard of obstructionists, Socialists, Atheists, abortionists, sexual perverts, welfare pandering racists, radical feminists, haters of God, haters of Christians, haters of Jews, haters of Israel, haters of the Holy Bible, haters of democracy.  If America’s Patriot men don’t coalesce and make demands on Washington to get this hoard of anti-American Socialists under control and put them on notice, America will not survive another Generation void a civil war to drive the destructive ideology into the Pacific Ocean.

America’s financially broken, godless, confused, divided, consumed with hate, angry, accusatory, Washington-Congress is impotent and gutless, our Military is depleted, we’re morally bankrupt and worst of all, America’s rejected the love and provision of the Lord Jesus Christ…but one thing is for certain, a Nation will reap what is sows!!!  May God be Glorified and “May God be found true, though every man be found a liar.” (Romans 3:4)



Related article: “Less Christian America = Worse America?” See:

Just my opinion,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired.


America’s Fall from Grace – Causation

The subsequent “comment” or “response” is relevant to the questions posited within the following articles:

1. National Review – article: “It Turns Out That a Less-Christian America Might Be a Worse America”

2. Conservative Tribune – article: “Justice Alito: Religious Liberty Is in Danger in America

3. The Blaze – article: “‘Candy-a**ed Christianity’ must end, author declares

4. CharismaMagazine – article: “Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

5. Christian News – article: “World’s First Transgendered Doll Unveiled at New York Toy Fair”

Fact: As long as Roe v. Wade (1973) is the law of the Land, America will continue to suffer in confusion, division, hatred, perversion and our Nation will ultimately destroy itself as a result of the Lord Jesus Christ having left us to our own devices – our own wickedness.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12 (KJV)

jesus and congress

The Truth…

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth.”(1 Timothy 4:1-3 NASB)

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,…” (2 Timothy 4:3 NASB)


Ten-Steps to America’s Demise

1) Our Founding Fathers who, contrary to historical revisionism, overwhelmingly trusted in the providence of the Lord Jesus Christ, initiated this “democratic experiment” we know as a Constitutional Republic with the vision that an overwhelming number of future American citizens would naturally seek honor and Patriotism as a result of having been redeemed by the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus was, after all, the all consuming focus of their life and their motives.

george washingtongeorge washington and the bible


2) Therefore, our Founding Fathers instituted a venerable Document that designs and emphasizes a very limited, small, tiered Federal Government encumbered with the primary responsibility of securing our borders and thus providing protection (domestic tranquility) for the citizenry through coordination with the States. Our Founding Fathers never envisioned an all powerful, intrusive, invasive, Federal Government that controlled and legislated every facet of American life…

we the people

3) Our Founding Fathers relied on the fact that it would be the redeemed heart of the Citizenry that would ultimately control behavior and thus we would enter into a civil-reciprocal contract with our State via the State Constitution – we, the servant, would agree to be obedient to the edicts of the State (the Sovereign) and to be faithful to pay our taxes – in turn – the State agrees to provide the servant with protection in order to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to be productive and law abiding citizens. The rule of law, law enforcement, our criminal and civil courts, were to be the supervisors/mediators of this “contract” to ensure the contractual obligations were enforced/honored with negative reinforcement as a deterrent to the unredeemed/antisocial faction within society. Without an overwhelming number of American Citizens living in obedience to the edicts of Christ Jesus, there are not sufficient numbers of police officers, prosecutors or penal institutions to maintain peace and safety. America did a fairly good job of honoring this civil-reciprocal contract until the mid-to-late 1950’s…what happened?

4) In 1962, Engel v. Vitale (1962), the United States kicked the Lord Jesus Christ out of our public schools and replaced Him with Darwinian Evolutionary Theory in 1963. This rejection of the Truth and implementation of “the lie” naturally resulted in confusion and a loss of respect for life and the rule of law as well as our fellowman. The subsequent decade reflects a loss of respect for the law, our Federal Government and the United States as a whole…and an introduction of “Moral Relativism”…discussed in a moment.

god is dead

5) In 1973, the Federal Government via SCOTUS, entered into a criminally co-conspiratorial relationship with a mom and an abortionist via Roe v. Wade (1973). Subsequent to this unconstitutional SCOTUS decision, which denies the unborn child their 5th and 14th Amendment “due process” protections, the United States Government along with the mom and her abortionist criminally conspired to torture, burn to death, mutilate, dismember, 60-million American children, primarily in the name of selfish convenience. Scriptural truism: Jesus Christ hates the hands that shed innocent blood. (Proverbs 6:16-19)


6) Ironically, it was also in 1973 that the American Psychiatric Association removed Homosexuality from its list of Mental Disorders.


7) Subsequent to Roe v. Wade (1973), the United States witnessed an incremental and systematic infusion of rampant, unencumbered, sexual perversion that sought legitimization through legislation and eventually became known as the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual-Queer Cult[ure] in America (LGBTQ). Understand this little known Biblical truism – the unencumbered proliferation of rampant sexual perversity in a Nation is a tell-tale sign that our Lord Jesus Christ has, for all intent and purpose, turned away from that Nation and removed His hand of blessing, sustenance, protection, provision, promise…see Romans 1:18-32. In other words, unencumbered homosexuality/lesbianism in a Nation is indicative of a curse.


8) Having rejected the teaching/instruction/edicts of the Holy Bible and its Author in 1962, American society was systematically infused with a demonic ideology best described as “Moral Relativism.” This “if it feels good, do it” ideology permeated entire generations via Hollywood, printed media, popular music and our public education system with an emphasis in our Universities. There is an ongoing debate whether or not this “brainwashing” of America was the direct result of Communist, Cold War, KGB tactics to undermine American Democracy, but that’s another forum involving Senator McCarthy and FBI Director Hoover…no time or motivation to delve into McCarthyism at this juncture…


9) Finally, in 2015, our Federal Government via another unconstitutional SCOTUS decision, Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), made the affirmative decision to spit in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ one more time and usurped His Holy Covenant of Marriage between one-man, one-woman and subsequently recognized every form of sexually aberrant perversity as a covenant of marriage…additional evidence that the Lord has left us to our own devices and that we will inevitably reap what we have sown.


10) Today, we have a “Less Christian America – a Worse America” that is on the brink of implosion as a result of the tragedies involving public policy beginning in 1962 with our rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We now have an entire generation of American Citizens, the majority of whom, deny Christ and even express visceral hatred and rejection of the very idea of Christianity. Latest statistics suggest that as few as 25% of America’s population are truly Christian or have any idea what that concept actually entails. The prevailing ideology in America today is Socialism with its mandated Atheism undergirded by the tenets of Moral Relativism – our Millennial Generation has been the subject of mass historical revisionism and they have been thoroughly infused with the foundations of Socialism; our Millennial Generation is morally bankrupt, posses a warped sense of “freedoms,” is spiritually lost, educationally ignorant, lazy, lustful, anti-American and absorbed in hedonism and narcissism. Far too many of our young men in America have been so “feminized” and confused that they could not whip their way out of a wet paper bag! America’s young women defy Genesis 3:16b and strive for masculine roles while our men dress in skinny jeans and worry about the appearance of their buttocks.




We, the Baby-Boomers, have no one to blame but ourselves, especially those of us who name the Name that is above all Names, the Lord Jesus Christ. We have sat quietly by while our enemy, Lucifer, has robbed us of our Sovereignty; robbed us of our Posterity; defiled our once beautiful Land with the blood of innocent children; captured the hearts and minds of millions of American men and women who have devastated their lives by compromising with “the lie” and have unwittingly pursued the aberrant lust of their hearts and their flesh to the exclusion of the ONLY One who truly loves them and can provide them with a life and eternity of hope, peace and fulfillment…the Lord Jesus Christ.


Ultimately, America will go the way of Rome of antiquity, we will collapse militarily, monetarily, morally and ethically – our posterity, those who are not redeemed, will suffer immensely and they will never understand the concept of America the Beautiful, One Nation under God, Indivisible with liberty and justice for all…and it’s OUR FAULT fellow Christians because we failed to stand and fight for our Lord!!!

save this land

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Thank you for permitting me to rant,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


Planned Parenthood and “The Lie”

Our Federal Government, more specifically – The Republican Party, as it endeavors to repeal the failing Affordable Care Act, has wanted to cut all funding to Planned Parenthood due to their abortion services…God Bless the Republicans for this strategy!!!

My concern: Planned Parenthood and its supporters are demanding that if funding is cut, millions of women will be denied prenatal, contraception, women’s health related services; therefore, the Republican’s have proposed a “deal” to avoid de-funding Planned Parenthood if they agree to stop the abortion procedures…really? Does Planned Parenthood actually provide prenatal services? Are the Republican’s so naive as to fall victim to this obfuscation on the part of Planned Parenthood? Listen to this video…..

planned parenthood truth