America’s Enemy Walks Among Us!


As impotent and irrelevant and as unfair and anti-American as the Paris Accord has been proven to be…our President’s rejection of this “Treaty” successfully exposed the Globalist, the Socialist and the Communist walking among us.

If America’s “men” don’t coalesce and drive the enemies of our Nation, masked as members of the Democratic Party, into the depths of the sea…our posterity will never understand the concept of a Constitutional Republic, personal freedoms, morality, ethics, honor, integrity, peace nor will they possess the freedom to seek the eternal love and joy only available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

America’s enemy is not confined to some distant land — our greatest threat walks among us and is deeply entrenched in our Local, County, State and Federal Government. Their desire is the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic as they capture and deceive the hearts and minds of America’s youth.

We’ve lost an entire generation of Millennials to the enemy among us…an enemy that has become emboldened and strengthened by our passivity — America, your Nation is being stolen from you and the status-quo ensures the victory of our enemy i.e. the Socialist-Globalist-Moral Relativist-Democrat!

Rick Holtsclaw


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